Zoom becomes most sought-after Video conferencing App amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Zoom video call

People all around the world are working from home due to the COVID-19 crisis. Many countries have declared lockdowns. One particular video conferencing tool is gaining popularity helping the users with the Video conferencing needs – Zoom. Zoom has become so popular that it has topped download charts on Google Playstore, dethroning the highly popular apps like WhatsApp, TikTok and Instagram in India.  This is according to the stats from the popular analytics platform App Annie. The app offers video, audio and screen sharing for up to 100 users at a time. 

Novel Corona Virus crisis and the subsequent lockdowns has created a huge demand for collaboration tools, Google has given access to the premium paid features of Hangouts Meet for free. Another popular multinational product-based company, Microsoft, is offering a free 6-month subscription to Microsoft Teams to enable people to have collaborations, meetings and video sharing uninterrupted. Even ZOOM is offering K-12 students’ free access to help people in this crisis.

What makes Zoom special is probably because it is the only app existing in the market allowing over 10 people to join a call. As per the latest statistics, it has over 50 million downloads on Play Store and its going up fast. The popular messaging app WhatsApp, which use to reign top for a long time, has suddenly slipped to the fifth position, which is unprecedented. Among the several tech companies gaining out of the coronavirus pandemic, Zoom is one of those which benefited the most. As the number of people working from home is continuously increasing, Zoom will most probably remain the most downloaded and used app. Considering the quarantine economy, along with Zoom, even while considering overall statistics of app downloads, business apps have topped the list with over 60 million downloads across iOS and Google Play from mid-March 2020 onwards till the end of March worldwide – best weeks ever for these apps.

This trend is likely to go one for some time, as the times are highly uncertain and even the length of mandatory social isolation imposed by the Governments are not entirely certain. Video conferencing apps like Zoom are already making a huge difference influencing the way people have started approaching their work, changing the way work was conceived, enabling greater ability to socialise online relatively seamlessly. Zoom Founder Eric Yuan has mentioned in his blog about the change made regarding the use of Facebook’s SDK. Zoom updated its iOS app, removing the software development kit (SDK) which was sharing data with Facebook, with the login with the Facebook feature using the Facebook SDK for iOS in order to provide users another way to access the platform. Zoom made this change to stop private data being shared with Facebook.

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