YouTube recommendation topic filters feature rolls out on iOS and Web

YouTube recommendation topic filters

YouTube, the world’s most popular online video-sharing platform, has always tried making video viewing experience better. So, it’s no surprise that the app has something new up its sleeve this time too. YouTube is now making it easier for users to select topics they like to watch on the site. How does it bring the feature now? The company is coming up with some highly convenient YouTube recommendation topic filters. They will be visible as topic bubbles on desktop and iOS and you will see it above your feed.  

The great news about the feature update is that desktop and iOS users will also be able to avail of this feature now onwards. Earlier it was only available for Android users. These topics depend on your viewing history, just like in Netflix watch history. YouTube shows personalized recommendations based on viewing history.  Another thing YouTube mentioned is that of the topic bar. It will also display the “Up Next” section while users browse for videos.

YouTube recommendation topic filters

YouTube has always faced some complaints and criticism about its recommendations feature.  With YouTube recommendation topic filters, such personalized recommendations would be the right step in the right direction.

Another benefit of this feature is that it may remove all the irritating unrelated recommendations you often see while you’re watching videos on a specific topic. YouTube has seriously mixed-up things before, by giving totally unrelated recommendations. YouTube recommendation topic filters feature can be looked at as a beginning to something great such as creating specialized tags and categories in with great detail. This will trigger many people to create different kinds of creative videos and bring them into specialized tags. Just think of it, there are so many different types of videos that can be created, some really exciting possibilities.

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