Xbox Series X launch, the All Digital Edition may wipe the floor with PS 5

Xbox Series X launch

Xbox Series X launch

The year 2020 could be gearing up to the greatest war among the console giants. It could be full-on Xbox Series X launch vs. PlayStation 5. The gamers have become super excited at the prospect of the showdown between the giants of the gaming console industry. The obvious discussion points involving the specifications, components, backward compatibility, exclusive titles, among others could very well be the deciding factors that could make or break the buying trend, and who comes out as the winner.

Let’s go back in time a little, when Xbox One was launched, back in 2013. There was so many expectations riding on the console to be an instant hit, with its revolutionary business and technology model. Microsoft was probably way too ahead at that time. Xbox 360 was a huge hit, especially because of the unsatisfactory performance of PS3 in the market. So, with Xbox One Microsoft could have taken a huge lead as the best in the gaming console space. But with Xbox One branded as a Home entertainment Hub, the higher pricing, and PS4’s gamers-first focus meant Microsoft lost it big time. The company couldn’t make up for the lost lead this generation. Another reason why there was a huge backlash against Xbox One was the game sharing policy the company had imposed, restricting game copy owners from sharing them with friends or trading them. The company had to give into the pressure from the gaming community.

Coming back to 2020, Xbox Series X launch seems more positive, as the time is ripe for leveraging their games-as-a-service business model to cater to this always-live generation of gamers. Gamers are much happy to accept this concept now and are happy to purchase a digital title. Other factors include the availability of low cost, high-speed internet across the globe, and more storage options at a cheaper price. This mode is more natural considering the way mobile applications function, digital-only versions that cannot be shared, or you cannot even completely own a copy just for yourselves. The streaming platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar, and others leverage this model in providing entertainment to users whenever they want it. Users just have to pay for their overall subscription. It’s in a way cheaper than individually owning all the content for yourself.

One of the most ingenious of the offers includes the Xbox Game Pass.  To put it simply, just like your Netflix subscription, for a reasonable subscription amount, gamers get to play100+ games in Microsoft Xbox’s title library. It is always available in the library for you to download, at your own convenience and enjoyment, to your Xbox console. Xbox One S All-Digital was the first time the company introduced the Game Pass option, as the console was disc-less, encouraging gamers to buy the digital versions of the games. With the Xbox Series X launch, Microsoft will be using its more mature digital-only games-as-a-service business model to capture the gaming console industry. Sony will face a huge challenge this time around, being the underdog, as the company will have to compete against Microsoft’s strong suit.

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