Xbox One Players get Two Games for Free to beat Quarantine Boredom

Xbox One Games for Free

Xbox Gold subscribers will get Xbox One Games for Free

Sony and Microsoft have always been competitive with their gaming console wars. Now, even in giving away free games, the competition continues it seems.  Start of this month, on May 1st, 2020, Xbox Gold subscribers on Xbox One have something cool in-store. They can now download two exciting Xbox One games for free: V-Rally 4 and Sensible Soccer. There are two due dates after which they stop being free.  Xbox One Games for Free include V-Rally 4 which is free until the end of May and Sensible Soccer an Xbox 360 game originally, available till May 15, is playable on Xbox One, through backward compatibility.

These were two new ones who are available for free, in addition to these, Xbox Gold subscribers also had other games like Paper Bundle and Knights of Pen available for free from last month. The free download has been extended till May 15 for these games. What is amazing for Xbox One Gold subscribers, there is no catch involved for these Xbox One Games for Free. Just need to be a gold subscriber to download these games for free. You can play as much as you like till you get bored. So, this may be a huge relief for users with Xbox One users to beat the quarantine boredom and enjoy these games.

Let’s have a look at V-Rally 4 and Sensible Soccer:

V -Rally 4

For hardcore gamers, V- Rally represents something nostalgic, especially those who grew up in the ’90s. V – Rally had disappeared for some time after its third installment. So, when it was released again in 2018 as V- Rally 4, it became an instant hit. The game which spearheaded the rally racing genre, V – Rally maintained the creative, less restrained, arcade racing game with rallycross, drifts, buggies, and hill climbs. Amazingly, there are over 50 famous vehicles ready to be customized and played in this exhilarating simulation. So, Xbox One gamers can definitely have loads of high adrenaline fun with the nostalgic arcade racing game.

Sensible Soccer

For all the 90’s gamers and game lovers who enjoy the retro feel, Sensible Soccer still remains the friendliest face of football. Sensible Soccer in Xbox 360 was reborn revamped for Xbox 360 with enhanced graphics and updates, without breaking it. The game’s visuals have improved visuals improving original graphics. The game features a massive line-up of football clubs from around the world and an immersive tactics editor. Xbox One Gold subscribers can enjoy the game for free.

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