Work From Home Tips and Tools amid COVID-19 Crisis

Work From Home

After the outbreak of COVID-19, work from home (WFH) became a blessing, as an effective method to utilize in these dire scenarios, for several companies across the globe. It helps in enabling social distancing as well as getting work done without the fear of the spread of the lethal coronavirus while we commute to office, or through chit-chat in the office with peers, among others.  

We must admit that this has become the emerging face of a hassle free working structure, this scenario. Just to make a sense to this news:

As most people are staying home in isolation, we are far away from places where we are the menace. For an environmental perspective, things are slowygetting better by retrieving the at least some things we have damaged so far, in our quest for supremacy. The changes are visible now, as witnessed by many:

  • There is less pollution

[water, air, noise, etc.]

  • We are getting ore clean water
  • Dolphins returns to cost of Italy
  • So many species of animals are getting a chance to live, which we so very well denied, putting survival of other species at stake.

Coronavirus pandemic have set a reboot option to our earth and it’s for us to take a break on damaging by learning the importance of Co-Existence!

Coming back to our topic, how to best make use of the work from home and how to make things more efficient. If you are a new person to this work culture and have been wondering what kind of gadgets and tools are needed to work remotely – this article will help you for sure.

These days, there are gadgets for almost everything. Let’s list out some of the basic essentials that will help you to Work From Home

Internet Connection: A good and high speed internet connectivity is highly essential while you (WFH). Several data providers are offering new workrk from home packages  Choose an internet connectivity which suits your location and necessity.


For software, depending on your work, you may require a printer or scanner, Webcam, headset. Most companies do provide laptops , rest I think is pick and choose based on necessity. You can borrow one from your friend or relative who has an extra one or who is not using it.

Apps that help

There are some really useful tools that will help you survive social distancing or

Apps that will help you communicate when you work from home (WFH);

The popular ones around are Zoom: which helps to conference with teammates online.  There is a handy , easy to use screen share function which allows someone in a different location to share their file or screen on your computer, which helps when working on a project with other people. You can also record the conference and share to the people who needs, among the other features.

Skype: This is another very popular one for chats, video conferences,. It offers instant messaging services, sharing images, documents, etc.

Whatsapp: The most loved free app these days, is a life saver during social distancing and ordinary days. It provides facilities like instant message, video calls, audio calls, sharing documents, videos, images, and more.

Freed camp: For lovers of post – its and those who make to-do lists and tasks to keep track of all their to-do lists. It’s an organizing app that lets you organize tasks and projects on boards according to priority level. Which also having the benefit of shareable and can be edited by your fellow colleagues.

Google Calendar: Like Google Drive, Google Calendar is an automatic feature with any Gmail account or G suite upgrade. And when it comes to a simple calendar to keep track of what’s happening to master how to make working from home work, you can’t go wrong. You can create various calendars for home and work life, even for projects and more. You can invite people, share appointments and integrate it with a ton of different apps to more advanced features.

Amazon Kindle: For all the bookworms out there for or your little ones, Amazon Kindle helps to restart the reading habit, since all the book you need are just a touch away. After all it’s not a bad time to teach the kids to start a new habit as reading which is important to help them engaged, while you work from home (WFH) in a fruitful manner.

Tips that helps you become Productive in Work-from-Home

Stay Hydrated

 Keep bottles of water at your desk, it’s imperative to keep yourself hydrated, no matter where you work from.

Begin your day early

 Resist the urge to stay longer in bed. Do your morning workout to lift up your spirit and set your moods. Have your morning coffee or tea, breakfast. Get fully ready as if you’re going to work.

Focus on Mental Health – Take your Breaks Play  with your kids or spend time with pets. It can recharge you to do better works and maintain a good mental health. Designate some time slots in your day for breaks.

To-do-List are not a Joke

Create a mini to do list for each day, what you planning to achieve on those days (don’t overdo it) stick to the plan.

You are your Manager

When you are working from home and now you’ve no excuse for getting late.  Being your own boss may scary but ultimately it is very satisfying. Neither have you called in sick, nor have you taken CL, it’s a regular work day. Treat it accordingly. Don’t call friends over and don’t entertain random calls. Stay away from Social Medias as much as possible. Self- Discipline is key here.


Don’t get distracted by social Medias, or anything else that you are not supposed to do during working hours.

Dont Procrastinate

 clock out your work like you normally would.

Create a Workspace

Last but not the least create a dedicated workspace. Make sure it is neat and tidy as it helps you to get into right frame of mind. Structure your day like you do in office. Schedule meetings, follow to-do lists which are not overwhelming. Create a working environment with all the tools that you would normally use to work, e.g.: to help with writing, etc. Remove all signs of distraction from your desk and add a productivity-boosting indoor plant, if that makes you feel better.

Perhaps, you can even ask for more WFH opportunities if you are more productive remotely, there’s no reason why you can’t bring that up at your next appraisal meeting.

Let’s continue to help each other. Stay inside, stay healthy!

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