Windows 10 Update: Files getting deleted, BSODs and Reboot loops

latest Windows 10 Update

Windows 10, the most used Operating System in the world, has regular updates to enhance features, update security, fix errors, or tweak some functionalities. Normally, these updates do what they are intended to do, but sometimes there are errors, glitches, or issues that may cause problems to the system. This time, in the latest Windows 10 update, and we are hearing complaints about files getting deleted, blue screens of death, and reboot loops. Windows 10 users have significant experience receiving warnings about update downloads from the tech giant, Microsoft, they are quite used to it.

With over 51 percent of the OS market share, Windows 10 has always had varied user-satisfaction levels. The most prominent area where these variations are commonly expressed is usually after the regular OS updates. After the famous monthly Patch Tuesdays, we normally witness support forums being flooded with complaints, issues, or questions regarding issues in the update. Even in April 2020, this month, this trend has not changed at all. More, worrying is the fact that the complaints are serious in nature. 

With the latest Windows 10 update, as per reports from the users, many are facing issues with the in-built Windows Defender malware protection.

There are also reports on another Windows update, the KB4549951 patch that was released on April 14. Let us have a quick recap of the April 14 Patch Tuesday updates. There were several vulnerability fixes and fixes for critical security flaws. Instead of resolving issues, some new serious issues surfaced such as files being deleted, Blue Screen of Death appearing, and even reboot loops.

Many users have been complaining about issues like wallpaper being removed, vanishing bookmarks in Firefox, or Chrome. To make it worse, for some users, all files in documents over a week are lost and even no restore option available.

Microsoft has advised, regarding the latest update that the best and the only course of action right now for users is to uninstall the April 14th Patch Tuesday cumulative update, until the issues are fixed. But there is a downside to these which users have no choice but to bear the risk of using a slightly unsecured system. Uninstalling the update would mean losing the latest security fixes. This may not be the most reassuring news as the May 2020 patch is not that far away. Patch Tuesday, May 2020 update for Windows 10, as per reports, includes enhancements to task manager, Cortana and others.

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