WhatsApp News and Updates: Video Calling Feature enhanced, Advanced search, and password-protected backups among key features

Whatsapp features

Whatsapp features

WhatsApp has been undoubtedly the most popular, most used and most shared instant messenger for the better part of the last decade. The messaging and news dissemination are so lightning fast that the moment you share a message which becomes trending and more people share, you might receive the same message shared back to you on the same day. When people spend so much time in the app, any new update for this application is definitely worthwhile to write about in the news. To start with, the application has a new update that will make video calling more hassle free, at least for small groups. As per the announcement the users can now save time and make group video calls with one less step to make.

You might know, earlier for making a group call, users have to tap on the video call icon on the top right of the group chat and then choose the group members that they wished to call. This update makes things a bit easier as with just one click on the video call button you can start the video call with everyone in the group, without the necessity of adding members. However, there is a restriction to this feature. It’s only possible for groups having four or less members.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, several countries have enforced lockdowns. This has resulted in a sudden spike in the number of people video conferencing across the globe. This is where popular video business conferencing apps like Zoom has flourished beyond their wild imagination. WhatsApp is also trying to cash in on the surge by making its already available video calling feature more user-friendly and convenient.

There are some other interesting features that we can certainly look to see in the near future. The latest beta version of this instant messenger throws light on three new features that users will be getting to use soon. These features have been long awaited which most WhatsApp users must have wished to have from the onset. Ok, enough build up, here they are: Advanced search, password-protected backups and automatic download rules. Yes, these are probably the features most users wanted very badly.

Advanced Search Feature
Password Protected Backups

Advanced Search is a feature which is already available for iOS users of the app.  For Android users, it should soon be made available. Let’s hope these features get rolled out in the coming days.

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