WhatsApp new feature allows 8 people to join group calls

WhatsApp group call with 8 people

WhatsApp enables group call with 8 members

With the whole world stuck at home, beating the COVID-19 virus, the usage of all messaging, social networking, video conferencing applications have significantly spiked. And we need not say more about WhatsApp, which was already in high demand before even the pandemic happened. WhatsApp group call feature has seen a huge surge across the globe, helping users connect with each other. The most used instant messaging application has been working on incorporating the feature to enable more group members in a video conference call.

The latest WhatsApp beta update revealed that the company will be further extending the limit of participants allowed in a voice or video call to 8 members. This feature will be soon available to its over 2 billion user-base worldwide. The app is currently in beta version, but testers on iOS and Android will be able to download it to sneak peek and check out this feature. Earlier this month, WhatsApp had increased the limit to allow a maximum of four participants, for video or voice conference calls.

Those users using the old versions of the app may not be able to avail this feature, but this may very well be resolved during the testing process. WhatsApp has a unique position among messaging application, as it connects to your closest friends and family. With this new feature in place, family members or friends can get more people to join the video conferences, especially during this lockdown period to meet their loved ones, enjoy shared celebrations, dinners, and holidays.

With most people working from home Zoom has been the most popular video conferencing application for people around the globe. However, with the latest developments, and the controversies surrounding the security issues with the application, Zoom is under scrutiny, with many governments banning the application for official or even private use in government offices. So, WhatsApp group call should be a good option for quick video or audio calls. Now here’s how the new feature works. To launch this WhatsApp feature, a user needs to tap on a group, open it, and then tap the call button, it is as simple as that. If there are 8 or fewer members in the Group, the conference call should happen successfully. One more thing, if a member or some members are not saved contacts in your phone, reportedly these users would not be added to the group call. So, users can just save contacts in their phone and call again, that should work.

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