Twitter will now ask users to read articles before sharing

Twitter testing new feature

Twitter testing new feature allowing Android Twitter users to read a published article before sharing it. Yeah, when we say it that way it does raise some questions as to whether twitter tracks user clicks. Twitter has stated as its goal to encourage more informed discussions.

Very often users share a content without actually going through what it contained and whether the information should be shared. This could probably be dangerous if it may contain content that may be false, inappropriate, incendious or promoting violence.  Now, lot of click bait titles are drowning genuine content, as these content gets promoted, which is bad. The actual article may not even contain what is being promoted as a click bait. When users try to Retweet an article that they have not opened yet on Twitter, the social networking site asks whether the use wants to open it first.

Twitter testing new feature Explanation

Twitter explained in a tweet, elaborating its intention was to improve the health of the discussion. It confirmed saying that the company does not track what users do on the other sites. Twitter checks link clicks before sharing a particular article on twitter.

Now, there a problem in this, if the user has already read it outside of Twitter platform. This can be really irritating for users when asked to read it again before sharing on Twitter. So, since Twitter is not tracking what users are doing outside twitter, they may not know if the user has read it before coming to twitter. Twitter testing new feature, the goal does seem noble, and the intention also seems genuine. This way more quality discussions based on the actual content will be encouraged. However, like always there are people who are also complaining about the feature, which may seem annoying to people who have already read an article they are sharing.

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