Twitter rolls out Fleets, its own version of Instagram Stories, to India

Twitter Launches Fleets

Twitter Launches Fleets in India

Twitter launches Fleets, recently, its own version of Instagram Stories.  This allows users to post time-limited content. The posts are ephemeral. The social media giant is was testing this for a few months and finally, it is launched in India. It seems the company is adopting a phased approach in the launch. After first launching it in Brazil in the March, then moving to Italian audiences in May, and afterward India.

Twitter has introduced Fleets with the objective of allowing users to share things that are not so common, or accessible to people. It’s so easy to access, as anyone can visit someone’s profile and click on Fleets to view their content, much like Stories on Instagram and Facebook. They are visible at the top of the screen. Unlike other types of content sharing in twitter, these do not show up in the search results, neither can it be embedded on a website

Twitter launches Fleets in India

Now coming to the interesting part, the fact that it launched in India, over other countries, is a new trend altogether. India the second biggest market in the world and is highly important for all big technology companies in the world, especially ones that are there in the US. With over 55 million active users in the country, Twitter does consider India as one of the topmost markets. India is just the third country to experience the product.  

This is also a testing exercise for the tech leader. By introducing a different mode of content sharing and conversation, the company can analyze how Indians use the site. Another interesting thing to come out of this for Twitter is to see how it improves the diversity of usage by allowing users to share their thoughts.

When you think of it, this feature was long overdue as Twitter becomes the last major social media platform to roll out a Stories style content sharing feature, initially brought to us by Snapchat. This was virtually replicated by Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and even YouTube. Another popular site, Spotify is trying out this feature and interestingly even Skype.

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