Top Five Online Gaming Apps to keep you busy during the lockdown

Top 5 online gaming apps

Nearly one-third of the population of this world is currently under some or the other form of COVID-19 pandemic related lockdown, staying at home or their shelters as enforced by governments to quell the spread of this highly contagious and deadly virus. We are talking about a population of about 3 billion people. The most popular pass time for people these days is playing the online gaming apps to keep them connected and active while still stuck inside.

Who better to advise in this matter than the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the organization is urging people around the world to maintain social distancing and stay at their shelter places. They have also advised us to interact online and play games to keep you busy.

Here is TechyFrog’s pick of the top five online gaming apps that might interest you:

1. PUBG:

Online Gaming app PUBG

Now, even if you have not been playing this game, there is hardly anyone who does not know about this game, unless you have been living a reclusive life in a forest or in a cave. PUBG has probably been the king of online games for quite a few years now. What’s fascinating about this online multiplayer battle royale game is that you fight for survival on an island and you are pitted against 99 other rivals fighting to stay alive. As you play more you will find it highly interesting to ambush your rivals, come up with ingenious winning strategies, and finally be the last man standing alive!

2. Call of Duty:

Battle Royale  Game: Call of Duty
Call of Duty

This is another very popular battle royale game which was very popular in its PC version. Its transition to mobile made the same impact, with many avid fans excited of getting another format to play on. In Call of Duty, similar to PUBG, you will have to use skill and strategy to get to the top or win clan prizes as you scheme and plan with your friends. This is again a 100 player battleground, adrenaline-pumping team deathmatches, sniper vs sniper battle, and much other exciting fun stuff.

3. PES- Pro Evolution Soccer:

Online Game Pro Evolution Soccer (PES)
PES 2020

If you are a football fan and a player yourself, you might be itching to play the game! Don’t worry, now you can relieve some of your pent-up energy playing PES. This is any football fan’s pick if you are not in real action, you can play real-time online football matches or local ones with a friend or family member. What’s amazing is the fact that you can enjoy the thrill of a console football on your smartphone.

4. Ludo King:

Top 5 Online Gaming Apps: Ludo King
Ludo King

This is the online version of one of the most popular board games across the world – Ludo. So, if you don’t have the physical board game version of it, don’t worry this online version is just as good with few more features to interact with players.  This may bring back the good old days’ nostalgia of a classic, as you cherish your childhood moments with your friends and family playing this game.

5. Words With Friends 2

Top 5 Online Gaming Apps : Words with Friends
Words with Friends 2

Now, this was developed long ago and was quite popular since 2009.An online version of scrabble, this is quite interesting way to spend time and also hone your vocabulary. You can also interact with the players online. These were our top five gaming apps that can keep you busy and active during this lockdown. Hope you enjoyed the read!

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