Top Five Free Android Apps to get you through Lockdown

Top five free android apps

Missing the good old days going out, hanging out with friends, enjoying various things you normally did before the lockdown? Are you feeling this extremely uneasy suffocation of being forced to stay at home? You are not alone, there are millions of people who are having the same feeling right now. Now, this may be an unavoidable way of life for the coming days, there are ways you can still enjoy, read, create new things, play and keep yourself occupied during this period. Let’s have a look at the Top Five Free Android Apps that you will definitely enjoy.

Google Arts & Culture

google Arts and Culture - top  android app

Google Arts & Culture is one of the most awesome free android apps there is, period.  The app has maintained its standards for a long time and its always steadily updated with new features and fresh content. This app is an art connoisseur’s heaven, as users can view high-quality versions of popular artworks and you can even zoom in close for a much better look at the details. Amazingly, you can also use the 360-degree video feature if you have a Virtual Reality headset for tours of museums and other attractions. The street View offers virtual view of both exteriors and interiors of these sites. There are several articles and information on the exhibits, and users can even save artworks for future viewing and many other wonderful features.


Sketch Book - popular android app

You might be already familiar with this app. Earlier most of its features were paid ones. Now, this exciting app has many features available for free. With 130 brush presets, customizable canvas sizes, various rulers, high-quality image imports, layer editor, pen mode and several other features and tools, it is one of the best sketching apps available for free.

Rocky Rampage: Wreck ’em Up

Rocky Rampage- top five android apps

One of the latest android gaming apps, Rocky Rampage: Wreck ’em Up shines as an action-platformer with loads of fun, the arcade-style. If you love Angry Birds, you will definitely love this, as you get a chance to destroy a lot more than you did playing Angry Birds.

Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light - top five android apps

Another newcomer in this list is the amazingly different Sky: Children of Light. The game looks like it has all the makings of an instant hit.  Those puzzle-adventure game lovers will find it very interesting as puzzle-adventure is the very essence of this game. There are also elements of open world and MMO. With several distinctive worlds to explore there will never be an instant where the user gets bored. Another exciting thing is that users can send gifts to the other players. So, enjoy the scintillating graphics and a laid-back game play style of Sky: Children of the Light.


Bitmoji - top five android apps

Bored of a generic face in the emojis you share? Have you ever thought about sending a custom emoji and stickers with your face, instead? Super interesting, isn’t it? This is exactly what you can do using Bitmoji! The app magically helps you recreate your likeness in the emoji form you always want to see. There are several tools to bring the maximum perfection you are looking for in your cartoon form. Enjoy choosing an outfit and also access to umpteen number of stickers featuring you. You can share these customized emojis and stickers to your friends and family.

Hope you enjoyed reading the above list. Check out each one of the above free android apps to beat the lockdown boredom. Playing the games in the list, you can team up with friends, or enjoy alone – or rather, even more exciting, you can play with strangers online! Have fun.

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