Top 3 Zoom Alternatives for video conferencing official meetings

Zoom Alternatives for video conferencing

Zoom Alternatives for video conferencing

Amid the COVID-19 Lockdown, most people are confined to their homes and working from home, attending meetings online to get their work done. These days its not just office work, even for discussions people resort to creating videos and sharing. Up until a few days back, most people were using Zoom for Video Conferencing purposes. Zoom became the most popular business use application, beating even the likes of WhatsApp and Instagram in the download numbers till the end of March. But things changed when Zoom had some issues concerning the security protocols and in recent weeks several of its security and privacy lapses emerged. So, here we are, looking at the best Zoom Alternatives for video conferencing, for those who are concerned about security and privacy.

 Here are the Top 3 Zoom Alternatives for video conferencing

Microsoft Teams

(Image Credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft Teams is increasingly gaining popularity for its multiple features along with video conferencing. Users can create meetings for 10 or 10,000 participants and it still gives a great performance. Microsoft Teams allows users to host audio, video, and web conferences with anyone inside or outside your organization. It goes one step further; you can even conduct big live events. Users can use this app to share the screen for presentations, meetings, and others, as and when required. That’s not it, it has some fun features like you can send stickers, and emojis in group chats or private messages.

Google Meet

(Image Credit: Google)

Google Meet is the new avatar for Google Hangouts, even the chat version was recently renamed Google Chat. Google Meet allows users to stay connected to their teams using the enterprise-grade video conferencing built on Google’s secure global infrastructure. The application is part of G Suite and G Suite for Education. Google Meet leverages Google’s already existing secure-by-design infrastructure and built-in protection to safeguard users’ information and privacy. Moreover, the meetings are encrypted in transit, and also with other features users can ensure the meetings are safe.

Skype Meet Now

(Image Credit: Skype Technologies S.A.R.L |Microsoft)

This another popular chat and video conferencing application, most people might have heard or used. Amazingly you don’t have to sign up or download anything to use the application. Users can generate a unique link and share it with your team, for your meeting. What makes Skype special is its ease-of-use for conferencing. These three apps offer some amazing features to enable secure and high-quality video conferencing. Try these out and check for yourself which app you prefer.

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