Tim Sweeny confirms entry of Epic Games Store to Android

Epic Games Store to Android

In a recent interview with Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeny, revealed the entry of Epic Games Store to Android. Tim said he plans to bring the games store to Android. This is great to hear for all Epic Games fans around the world, as Google and Epic never really saw eye to eye with each other. So, this news sounds great for all gaming enthusiasts per se.

Epic and Google Turmoil

Epic had launched the Android version of its super popular game Fortnite as a stand-alone release through its website, without listing in Google’s Play Store. Google was deprived of the 30% cut from all in-game sales.  Google, in turn, published a report which said that the stand-alone version of Fortnite’s installer has some security flaw, which mentioned listing third-party APKs can be really dangerous and this warning was made by Google even before the game’s release. Epic made another mistake by calling Google’s 30% cut on the Play Store platform, illegal. However, things did sort out eventually as they released the game on Play Store.

Epic Games Store to Android: Tim Sweeny confirmation

When we look at the inexplicable issues between Epic and Google, people would easily question whether Epic seriously planned to bring the Epic Games Store to Android. The recent interview with Tim, really makes it clearer. Tim Sweeney was talking about the tremendous success of Epic Games. He mentioned that he wanted to bring the Epic Game Store to iOS in the future, and also to Android. According to him, this would be a great way to help the gaming industry excel, and in his own words “move forward”.  Moreover, he suggested that this is another way where Epic Games as a game developer had created a dedicated audience around Fortnite and understood ways to operate a distribution platform on desktop and Android. When it comes from the CEO of the company, this clearly means that Epic still plans to bring its game store to Android. Now what is more reassuring is the fact that Tim also confirmed that making this happen will be good for the industry to move forward.

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