TikTok crosses 2 Billion downloads and India tops the chart with 611 million

TikTok crosses 2 Billion downloads

TikTok is taking the social media world by storm. There is no stopping the unhindered forward march for this video making and sharing application. Amazingly, TikTok crosses 2 billion downloads worldwide on Google Play Store and the App Store. The count is very huge. Again, as always, India is leading the chart in this number game, with 611 million downloads. This, when we put it in percentages, is 30.3 percent of all unique downloads happening across the globe. That’s a huge number by any stretch of the imagination.

This alarming rate of downloads might worry the Tech giant and the social networking behemoth, Facebook, and the company might already be working on various strategies to enhance their current family of supper popular apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, and Instagram. Surprisingly, China is not leading the app installs, but its in second place with 196.6 million to date, which is about 9.7 percent of the downloads. China has a different version of TikTok called Douyin. The figure might even be different when third party Android store installs in the country are considered. The US is also in the top three, currently in the third position with 165 million installs, which is around 8.2 percent of the unique downloads.

Google Play Download Share 1.5 Billion

When it comes to the downloads, as TikTok crosses 2 Billion, Google Play has the maximum share of the TikTok downloads to date, getting to more than 1.5 billion installs, which take up, over 75 % of the download share. At the same time, the App Store generated 24.5 percent of the total downloads, $ 495.2 million downloads. To assess and understand the magnitude of how fast the download rate is, we need to go back six months back when the total downloads were 1.5 Billion. So, within a span of 5 months the app downloads increased by 500 Million, which is something really mind-blowing.

This latest spike in TikTok’s downloads can be attributed to a great extent to the COVID-19 crisis around the world. People are stuck in their homes, having more free time to access their mobile devices to experiment with various aspects of entertainment. Some create funny videos and some just love watching funny videos created by others. So, people are finding new ways to communicate, connect with people, and have fun. The lockdowns enforced by Government have not certainly dented the creativity of many, as can be seen in the videos.

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