Sony will allow players to update certain PlayStation 4 games for PS5 consoles

PlayStation 4 games for PlayStation 5

Sony Corporation’s PlayStation (PS) is the most popular video game console in the world.  Such is its popularity that whenever, any new generation of the console launches, the whole gaming world starts talking about it, creating a huge buzz. So, it is understandable when there are talks about the upcoming PlayStation 5. Sony has not yet submitted the fifth generation of PlayStation console, but the reports are surfacing on the internet leaking some information about the console. According to insider information the players of the new console will be able to update some PlayStation 4 games for PS5 consoles. This is mainly about some titles that appeared in 2020 for the previous generation of PlayStation, the PlayStation 4 console. 

So, the gamers who have already purchased the game for PlayStation 4, can still continue playing the game in PlayStation 5. To update PlayStation 4 games for PS5, users will receive a special activation code at the end of the year to unlock the game for PlayStation 5.  As per the information, the version of the game for PlayStation 5 should also be available online for those who have not yet purchased the game.

Even the biggest competitor of PlayStation consoles, the Xbox will most probably offer the same feature in its Xbox Series X launch which is another high-profile launch in the gaming console industry.   Microsoft will be leveraging its games-as-a-service business model, which they introduced long back.  The time is probably best for such a model to be successful. We will have to wait and see how the gaming world reacts and use the consoles. Sony Corporation and PlayStation 5 will have a huge and formidable competition in Xbox Series X, as its all new and advanced on several levels. The last few months have seen a significant rise in the playing time of users mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Post-pandemic how the gaming market reacts is something that only time will tell.

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