Rumor mill suggested Xbox Series X could be rebranded as the SEGA Series X in Japan

Xbox Series X re-branded to SEGA Series X

Rumor: Xbox Series X re-branding to SEGA Series X

The tech giant Microsoft is looking to deliver the best next generation gaming console. The console war has already started with all eyes and gamers waiting with bated breath for the launch of Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles probably by the end of this year. Microsoft had a hard time with Xbox One launch, there were a lot of problems such as the way it was marketed, the entertainment aspects of the device given more focus, and also probably its mandatory Kinect feature which people never really liked. But, with Xbox Series X, Microsoft looks to come back magnificently by offering powerful gaming hardware that may wipe the floor with the PlayStation 5. How will it fare in Japan, where it had failed miserably. Will it be rebranded to SEGA Series X as per the rumors?

Rumour about SEGA Series X Rebranding

No matter, how good Xbox 360, or the Xbox brand was worldwide, in Japan, it has never been able to make any inroads into the gaming market. Sony and Nintendo have always reigned supreme. Even the older consoles of Sony and Nintendo have fared better than the American brand. Will the scenario change with the launch of Xbox Series X, will the competition be stronger? Probably they may have to try something different, out of the box to stand a chance. Rumour has it that Microsoft looks to finally gain significant market share in Japan by renaming it as The SEGA Series X in Japan.

SEGA may have been out of the console gaming business for a long time now, but it is one of the most recognized brands in the gaming console history. For Japan and gamers there, SEGA may tap into the nostalgia factor. The time couldn’t be more perfect if the rumour is true because the 60th anniversary of the company kicking off on June 3. What would be very interesting to see is whether Microsoft partners with SEGA to offer Xbox Game Pass along with some SEGA games to create such an ecosystem within Japan and boost sales

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