PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode: Tips to survive the cold in the new mode

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode: Freezing weather and snow (Image Credit: Tencent Games)

PUBG Mobile is without any shadow of doubt one of the most popular games of the last decade, probably ever, considering the sheer number of people who have and are playing the game. Tencent Games, the company and the genius behind this game, has launched something new and exciting for gamers to enjoy. PUBG Mobile has got a new mode to the gameplay, called the Artic Mode. PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode is accessible to gamers as a part of EvoGround game section.

PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode details

So, what does this all mean? This new mode enables a survival element to the smaller Vikendi map, introducing freezing weather and snow. This brings more fun and excitement for the hardcore PUBG gamers as players must find ways to stay warm when the temperature drops. In Arctic Mode, cold spells often happen and to fight this, gamers must resort to ways that can keep their body warm such as electric heaters, chemical warming packs, or even a fire using your lighter would suffice. Wait, there is another interesting way you bring your temperature up – a chicken dinner! Because this is PUBG and the game decides what you can do or cannot do.

Another problem is that starting a fire might create concerns about you getting spotted by the enemies and you cannot stay by your fire for long. You need to think of your plan to move on and start acting on it quickly. PUBG Mobile offers another interesting gizmo to help gamers – a surveillance drone. A drone can be super useful to do recon, to find your next shelter and also to get away from places where your enemies might be hiding.   PUBG Mobile has gained a lot more extra things to keep players coming back and keep playing.  These new items to the gameplay, including drones, health packs, heater, and even a snowmobile do keep the fun element going on. It is also probably the best time to introduce these elements when the whole world is confined to their homes and the gamers can enjoy PUBG Mobile all they want, whenever they want!

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