New WhatsApp feature allows you to add contacts via QR codes

New Feature: WhatsApp contacts via QR codes

WhatsApp, the most popular cross-platform messaging application has announced a new feature which can be seen in WhatsApp’s latest beta version. As per reports, the brand-new WhatsApp feature allows users to add contacts by scanning their QR codes. That is pretty convenient, isn’t it? At present this feature will be available in beta version on the iOS and Android platforms of the application. To add WhatsApp contacts via QR codes, the feature is seen in the application’s settings menu, which shows your own QR code, as well as to scan other people’s QR code.

There is also an option to revoke QR code, in case the contact may get shared with someone who you do not want to give your number.

Add WhatsApp contacts via QR codes

This may seem like a small feature added to the application, but when we think of it, it does reduce the pain of adding contacts on WhatsApp, a bit. Just think about it? At present, you need to add a new contact to your smartphone’s address book. This an additional irritating step for users who wish to message someone in WhatsApp first. QR code offers the extra convenience to add someone when he or she is with you in person. The process is not that easy when you attempt to do it online, which may not be simpler than your usual option. In that case, you may use the one that is easier and more convenient. Though this feature is at present available in the beta version of the app, nothing has been mentioned on when users might see it released to the main application. Those who tested the feature in the beta version have seen the feature available. Let us wait and see when the feature will be available for everyone to use.

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