New Netflix Screen Lock feature launched to prevent accidental taps

Netflix Screen Lock feature launched

Netflix Screen Lock feature

One of the most popular video streaming platforms in the digital world, Netflix has added a brand-new feature to its Android version. Users can now lock their Android smartphone screens to avoid accidental taps. It can be really frustrating for the app users to accidentally tap some buttons while watching an interesting movie on the Netflix app on your phone. This new feature will allow Android users to prevent accidental touches from happening using the Netflix Screen Lock feature.

This “screen lock” button now appears visible on the bottom menu bar of the screen and users can activate it by selecting it. Enabling this feature will stop all the screen controls like play/pause, forward, and rewind. This is to prevent users from inadvertently pausing, even skipping, or stopping playback or enabling subtitles to appear.

Netflix Screen Lock feature

If you want to disable the feature once the screen is locked, you can tap on the “unlock” icon twice, to unlock all the controls, to make them active for selection, again. However, there is another way to exit Netflix, as this feature does not override your smartphone’s Android system swipe gestures. You can still swipe to go back, even when the screen-lock feature is enabled.

A few days back the video streaming platform creators had introduced new safety mechanisms and improved controls. The controls enable parents or adults to prevent children from watching mature content. Especially, with the whole world in lockdown and the children and adults stuck in the same place, there are chances of things to take a wrong turn. Parents can PIN ‘protect’ their profiles and they can also weed out inappropriate adult content by filtering out titles that children should not be seeing at their age. It seems the Netflix Screen Lock feature is yet to arrive in the iOS version of the application, probably should come soon.

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