New Android TV may be coming, and could be re-branded as Google TV launch

Google TV launch

Unlike all the other Google products the company has been very different in the way, they approached the Android TV box. Google fans may very well be aware of Nexus player, Chromecast dongles, or other efforts to push their smart TVs portfolio in devices compatible with Android TV platform. Rumour has it that Google has been working on a 4K Android TV dongle device for some time and as per an announcement at the end of 2019, a streaming device called ADT-3 was to be made available for developers along with Android TV 10. Most recently, there are reports mentioning Google coming up with a brand-new streaming device open to consumers and it is compatible with the Android TV platform. Some other reports have also suggested the rebranding of the whole Android TV platform to the new Google TV launch.

Possible Android TV to Google TV Branding

As always with Google, the latest versions come with more features and improvements.  The upcoming version of the Android TV or the new Google TV, possibly, comes with several improvements to UI and hardware requirements. More attention is given on movies and shows instead of apps. This gives us a clear indication where Google intends to go with this as the rumored streaming device could very well compete with market leaders Amazon Fire Stick and Roku. There have been reports confirming the device being branded under the Nest Brand, again owned by the search engine giant.

There are reports suggesting that Google may very well name Android TV as Google TV, just like what they did with several other services such as Android Play (now Google Play), Android Messages (now Messages). So, Google may choose to go with a similar transition to its branding. However, all these are rumors, we will have to wait and see what happens. Most influencers, technology experts, and Google brand aficionados might have expected Google I/O 2020 to be the right platform for Google TV launch. Unfortunately, amid the COVID-19 crisis, several such conferences have been canceled and Google is planning to host this as an online event in June to announce several high profile launches such as Android 11 Beta 1 and maybe even the brand new Google TV could be launched.  This could also be for another telecommunication hardware, a video conferencing equipment the company is developing. We will have to just wait and see.

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