Most awaited WhatsApp multi-devices support feature could arrive soon

WhatsApp multi-devices support

The game-changing feature of WhatsApp is rumored to be available to users soon. Yes, you guessed it right, WhatsApp multi-devices support will arrive probably in the coming months. This means users will be able to access their accounts using different devices at the same time. At present, the messaging and video-calling application does not support such a feature. The only you can access it from desktop or laptop is using WhatsApp Web, which mirrors your WhatsApp profile on your system, that’s it.

As per the popular website WABetainfo, the company has started an internal testing process to enable the multi-devices feature which most WhatsApp users have been probably longing for. However, they do mention that they are not aware of any timeline as to when this feature will reach the public.

WhatsApp multi-devices support in Testing Phase

According to WABetainfo, a website that regularly tracks changes in the instant messaging app, WhatsApp has begun internal testing of the long-awaited multi-devices feature. The website, however, cautions that there is no fixed timeline for the launch of the feature. They mentioned that it maybe two months, four or six, its not really sure as to when it will be launched. However, since it is in the test phase already, it is definitely a positive thing.

WhatsApp for iPad could be something that could align with the multi-devices feature update. If you are aware, WhatsApp for iPad has been something that was in progress for over two years. This has also probably something to do with the fact that Apple is splitting the iPad OS different from the other OS, as a separate independent platform. Another positive for the launch of such a feature is that it opens the account for use on Apple devices. To reiterate, the official launch date is not mentioned. If we look at the time WhatsApp takes to launch its features, remember Dark Mode, things may take time, we never know.

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