Microsoft confirms launch of Windows 10X on single-screen devices first

Windows 10X on single-screen devices

Chief Product Officer Panos Panay, Microsoft’s biggest new recruit, has been silent Windows 10X plans the day he joined. It seems, he has broken his silence over the matter when he confirmed on May 4, 2020, that the tech giant is planning to refocus its attention towards Windows 10X on single-screen devices. Windows 10X the Windows 10 variant is going to be key to what Panay is planning for the OS in the coming months. He mentioned about the flexibility of Windows 10X, allowing the company to focus now on single-screen Windows 10X devices.

However, it is still uncertain as to when Microsoft’s single-screen devices will start supporting Windows 10X. Also, from the comments from Panos Panay, it is still unclear when dual-screen devices will launch with Windows 10X. But what is clear is that Windows 10X will first launch on single-screen devices and then only when the right moment arises, the company, along with OEM partners, will decide on introducing dual-screen devices to the market, as per the Chief Product Officer.

Focus on Windows 10X on single-screen devices

When we look at some of the official messages from the company last year, which was code-named “Santorini” and “Lite” was developed to work on Windows dual-screen devices. But, probably considering the global scenario, the company started focusing on prioritizing new single-screen devices. This decision conveying the future of Windows was conveyed on this blog post.

As can be guessed, which was even confirmed by the company, the reason for the shift in focus towards single-screen devices is the direct result of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic impact on user’s buying habits. People might not risk spending on things they are not much sure of like the dual-screen devices. They might be more comfortable buying the single-screen devices which are more tried and tested. A further reason why Microsoft has even suspended delivery on the company’s dual-screen Neo device. Moreover, agreed Windows 10X will probably offer more freshness, enhanced UI, better features, as the Windows 10X variant, but Windows 10 is equally important. This he made it further clear when he mentioned Windows 10 is very relevant as of now, the way the OS exists, for several reasons.

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