India Fights Coronavirus: How best to learn from Kerala’s epidemic management efforts

India Fights Coronavirus

India Fights Coronavirus

The Outbreak of Novel coronavirus in India has created panic in the country. The Pandemic coronavirus has reached many other states in the country, infecting several people after Kerala reporting the first confirmed positive case on January 30.

The Wuhan coronavirus has become a major issue for the entire world. COVID-19 which originated in China, has claimed thousands of lives across the globe. With no cure known so far for the disease, COVID-19.

Coronavirus update in India: State-wise Total number of confirmed positive cases in India rises to 153, Death count stands at 3 as on March 19

10 New cases of coronavirus reported in India, cases in Maharashtra rises to 41. West Bengal reports 1st corona virus case

Army Jawan in Leh tests positive on coronavirus.

More officers will arrive for preventive measures. An additional 30 officers have been appointed by Central Government to assist the states infected by Coronavirus.

In the U.S. to protect against pandemic coronavirus the first human trial of a vaccine has started. 

What is Coronavirus?

As per the WHO report, Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV).

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a new strain that was discovered in 2019 and has not been previously identified in humans.

WHO Standard recommendations says; to prevent infection spread include regular hand washing, covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing, thoroughly cooking meat and eggs. Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.

Measures Taken By Kerala: Corner the Coronavirus

There is no compromise on taking preventive actions against pandemic in state Kerala. These are some techniques followed in Kerala to tackle the outbreak of COVID -19;

Action against Medical stores that supply medicines without a doctor’s prescription

During the crisis some stores in state are selling medicines for cold and fever. The action was taken following widespread of complaints.

Awareness Campaigns for Tourists

The Minister said accurate awareness among guest workers, foreigners are taking necessary precautions about COVID -19.

Kerala Police Extends Help to Foreigners

The Kerala Police is helping the overseas tourists who are unable to find accommodation facilities to ensure they are safe. Also Kerala police have made a video on Preventive measures against battling Coronavirus.

50 Ambulances in the state with 200 Volunteers

Health Minister K.K Shailaja is on tremendous job for securing the state from Pandemic. She said that up to 50 ambulances has deployed in 9 districts across the states for defense purpose. Ambulances are deployed to transfer patients to isolation ward from home.

Medical Waste Disposal

Health Officials are in protective action for disposing medical waste out of Isolation Ward in Hospitals which is an essential thing to look after.

Avoid Massive Gatherings including Worship Places

In contrast to Public Relations and Disaster prevention, people should avoid Massive gatherings in all Worship Places including Govt. urge to cancel weddings and other events. Everyone should take care not to organize or participate in meetings or events. Action will be taken according to rules against those who violets.

Schools, Collages & Movie halls keep shuts

Schools, Colleges and Movie halls are also shut in Kerala on high alert level from Tuesday 10th March. No Exam will conduct till Class 7. All schools and colleges including professional colleges will remain closed till March 31.However, all examinations from 8th standard to 12th standard will also go on as scheduled on following the Guideline’s as per Ministry Of Health which states, One meter distance between tables, washing hands for about 20 sec with Soap and hot water or a Sanitizer gel, Cover face using Mask or Tissue, Avoid touching face.

Disinfect ATM’s

The suggestion to sterilize ATMs is because the use of the touch screen will cause the spread of COVID-19.Customers must disinfect their hands before and after they enter ATMs. District lead Manager to prepare settings as per Thrissur Dist. Collector Order.

“Break the Chain” Campaign

Kerala Health Minister Shailaja Teacher stressed the importance of keeping personal hygiene to protect self and the community from spreading the coronavirus infection. By doing it, we will be able to break the chain of virus infection said Teacher.  The Kerala government has appealed all to promote ‘break the chain’ campaign.

Mid-day-Meal Delivery at homes – as school are shut

Anganawadi Teachers heart melting gesture to their students by delivering Mid-day-Meal at their homes. As the kids won’t stay hungry due to the coronavirus outbreak. Anganawadis has been closed till March 31st.

Kerala Minister for Health and Social Justice KK Shailaja in a Facebook post on March 12 said: “In the wake of COVID-19 in the state, distribution of mid-day meals, for Anganwadi under the Woman and Child Development Department, has already started. About 3.7 lakh students in 33,115 Anganwadi in the state will benefit out of the initiative.”

Robots viaAwareness Campaign 

Asimov Robotics a startup in Kerala developed & introduced Two Robots for creating awareness about spreading of coronavirus as it can easily attract people to notice. Kerala Startup Mission have initiated this launch. Robots will screen the WHO basic hygiene preventive techniques and by distributing Sanitizers, Masks and Napkins.

Round the Clock Helpline Numbers

This team in Kerala work 24*7 as helpdesk to help people queries on novel coronavirus as it creates panic in the state.

DISHA – (Toll free Tele Health Helpline)

1056 (Toll free)

0471- 2552056 (Other connections)

For more information:

 Kerala Tourist Helpline #COVID-19

Phone: +91 99954 54696, +91 94473 63538, Email:

Strict Screening tests in Airports

Kerala has setup a strict screening test centers for passengers on all major Airports to detect COVID-19 along with State Govt. Notice on awareness. Those who shows Symptoms will take to Isolation Ward as per the Health Minister rule. State Health Minister K K Shailaja has asked officials to be on high alert. “No need of any panic. But it is always good to take precautions,” she said. So far risk level remains low.

Travel restrictions are made as a preventive step.

Thermal Scanner in IT Park

Work from home to Thermal Scanner, Kerala IT Parks are also not behind in preventive actions against COVID-19.UST Global, one of the companies in the IT Park, will be introducing a new infra-red thermometer scanner at their entrances to scan every employee or associate entering the premises for high body temperature. Also some companies have stopped Biometric Authentication due to outbreak of corona virus. Awareness Notices on Preventive measures are also given to employees.

Prisoners, Kudumbhasree, etc. on Manufacturing Face Masks

Due to reported shortage of face masks for health activists and hospital staff, The State government is pro-actively handling this case by getting the tailoring units of jails across the state Kerala to produce them. Also, several State Kudumbhasree units are also taking initiative in production of face masks for the neediest.

You can purchase the Face Masks from our “Cartinos ecart” website by clinking the link given below;

The hand Sanitizers production also begun with the help of Kerala State Drugs and Pharmaceuticals (KSDP), a Public sector undertaking in Alappuzha to tackle the shortage in the same. As per the reports, KSDP will sell the sanitizer bottles in lesser price than current market price. Dispatched the first Load of 500 bottles to Kollam, and TVM Districts on Friday.

Patient’s Route Map Tracing

The Kerala Government has traced several Victims route Map to prevent the coronavirus. This hats off work is highly commendable for The Kerala Health Department. BBC and other worldwide Companies and people are appreciating Kerala for this effort on #fightagainstCovid-19.

This Route Mapping will help to trace the Victim’s Exposure to several areas, which aims to track all those who had come in contact with them especially the last contact.

Isolation Ward

The Government Medical College Hospitals, in Kerala, you are asked to disinfect your hands using hand sanitizer first. Facilities like, there are Oxygen Lines, echo machines, Cylinders on isolation floors which is clean and efficient. The cost is borne by The Kerala Health Department for food and accommodation of patients.

Some other extensive steps that are taken by The Kerala Government to kill the spread of Coronavirus are as pointed below;

  • Mike Announcements in Rural Areas
  • Direct Visits from State Health dept. Volunteers – on home quarantines
  • Ration supply using OTP instead of Biometric Authentication
  • Daily  Press Meeting – State Health Minister
  • Importance to Mental Health
  •  24*7 Doctor and Medical Facility
  • Newspaper and Social Media Awareness
  • The primary care centers will operate until 6 p.m.
  • Better Internet Connectivity
  • India Ramps Up Testing Efforts
  • Crackdown fake Sanitizers
  • Fake News Alert through Social Medias
  • Public Awareness – Bus stop, Railway Stations,etc
  • Social Distancing
  • 30 sec Information Alert as Ringtone

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