How to Check Battery Health On Android Phones

Check the Battery Health On Android Phones

It is estimated that there are over 3 billion smartphone users around the world. One of the most common problems these smartphone users are facing in their devices is battery life. Charging our gadgets has become part of our daily routine and the more you do, with time, the life of your smartphone reduces. It is obvious, as nothing can keep going on forever, especially batteries. So it is always better to Check Battery Health On Android devices.

Why is it advisable to Check Battery Health On Android Phone?

Users would definitely want their device to perform better for its prolonged life span. To achieve a prolonged life span for an android device, their battery must perform well. So it is preferable to keep an eye out to your device’s battery health. 

What options you have to Check Battery Health On Android? 

As many of you may know, currently there are not many ways to check the battery health of an Android device, and hopefully, Google will consider this soon and provide more suitable ways to monitor battery health in their upcoming updates. In some Android phones, using the dialer App if you dial ” ##4636*#*# “, it will take you to the “Test Menu” (if this method is supported). Not all Android devices comply with this method, so let us check another better option.

AccuBattery for Android

There are plenty of apps in the Play Store to check battery health, with many cool features. But, you can choose AccuBattery over any other app. Only those who are using rooted Android devices will find better apps than AccuBattery. For a normal android user, AccuBattery provides enough information about the health of your Android device battery. 

  1. Download and install AccuBattery from Android Play Store, open the App, and go through a quick walk-through.
  2. In one of the screens, you will find details on battery health, so pay attention to it.
  3.  In the next screen, you can configure a charge slider that notifies you when your Android Phone battery reaches that percentage.
  4.  You can set a charging alarm (preferably 80%). 
  5. After these settings, the App will run a quick calibration on the phone battery and will show the stock battery capacity
  6. Go to the Health tab and it will show you current battery health, current capacity, and original capacity of the device. Initially, the charts which show the extent of battery wear will be empty. This is because the App has to start collecting data from the time of installation. Android will not provide any pre-stored data to this app. 

In this smartphone era, battery-life is a significant factor considering the numerous things you do with the device. It has become an extension of your body. So, keeping tabs on battery health will be definitely helpful in knowing: How much percentage you should charge your phone, when you should consider changing your device battery, among other things. 

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