Hangouts Chat now Google Chat, Google Phone App can be directly installed from Play Store for select Android Devices

Google Phone App-Hangouts Chat now Google Chat

Google, like the other technology giants, is transitioning, rebranding and extending access to some of its applications to more users.

For many Google app users out there, “Hangouts” sometimes might have seemed out of place or confusing. Google recently rebranded “Hangouts Meet” as “Google Meet”. Now, they are rebranding Hangouts Chat services as “Google Chat”. Though this move might be logically correct, when we look at Google’s history in dealing with the branding of its messaging services there is some confusion.

Now, let us go back to the year 2013 when Google launched its Hangouts Chat service, replacing the popular Google Talk (popularly known as “GChat”). Now, here is what’s surprising, Google has gone a whole circle, coming back to the similar branding “Google Chat”.   Now, that does not mean the Hangouts brand is totally dead, at least not yet. The Hangouts “classic” chat app version open to the consumers will keep its name for now. However, the search engine giant will slowly transition from Hangouts “classic” version to Google Chat and they have set the migration to complete by June 2020.

Another update from Google is regarding its Phone app, which usually comes pre-installed on Pixel, Android One devices, and some select Xiaomi smartphones. Google’s Phone app will now be available for direct installation from the Play Store on some of the selected non-Pixel and non-Android One devices. This is great news for some of the non-Pixel and non-Android One users around the world as the Phone app feature is pretty convenient and user friendly compared to the in-built ones found in the Android devices.

Those Android device users containing the “” shared library will be able to use this application in their smartphones. Some of the popular brands in which this feature is available for use includes Oppo Find X2 Pro, ASUS ZenFone 6, the LG V60 ThinQ, among others. Those devices in which this app is working properly, the users will be able to gain access to its complete feature-set such as Assisted dialing, Caller ID & spam, and Nearby places.

It is not exactly known and clear as to why these features have been made available only to select devices other than Pixel and Android One devices. It is also not clear whether the company has any plan to expand the availability of the Phone app to more or all Android devices. For now, it’s more of a waiting game.

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