Google Stay and Play at Home Doodle Initiative now running

Google Stay and Play at Home Doodle

The search engine giant, Google has joined the party in the user engagement part, just like Facebook, Microsoft, Sony, and other technology companies. Google Stay and Play at Home with Popular Past Google Doodles’ initiative is currently trending, adding a bit of nostalgia and fun to engage its vast user base. Amazingly for users stuck at home and nothing else does, or many who would like to take a break from their work from homes to have some fun, these games are great. For Google Stay and Play at Home Doodle initiative, the tech giant is not developing new doodles, they are just showcasing the old ones from their huge directory of doodles, pulling them from the past.

As usual, these doodles are super fun, cute, easy to play, and addictive. Amid the COVID-19 lockdown, Google came up with this masterstroke to entertain and engage users.

The tech company started with a coding game featuring a bunny, then the Cricket doodle from back in 2017, then the one with Oskar Fischinger music game and others. It is still running.

How to Play Google Doodle

Those who are not aware of games or are stuck, to play a Google Doodle you can go to and then click on the Doodle logo.  You will be directed to the Google results page, where you can see the day’s Doodle game on the top. You can also see the Doodle archive list just below the Doodle game. The archive has Doodles that are part of Google’s Stay and Play at Home with Popular Past Doodles initiative. This is a 10-day Doodle initiative from Google. The Doodle on the previous day goes to archive till all the slots are filled in the 10-day Doodle fun games by Google.

Google’s Innovative Concepts Google has always been popular for bringing innovative concepts relevant to time and geography. For users, its always fun to see the Doodles, especially the interactive ones that Google comes up very often. For the last couple of weeks, before this interactive Google Stay and Play at Home Doodle games, the company was giving due credit to the hard work and efforts of the frontline workers who were working to save lives, risking their own. So, those Doodles highlighted the courageous work to fight the pandemic. The Doodles were titled ‘Thank You: Coronavirus helpers’. The two weeks initiative got a great response from the users

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