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Google Meet Free Version

Google, like Facebook, is making the best use of the Covid-19 lockdown and quarantine period to revamp its video conferencing capabilities. With Zoom losing its sheen and becoming infamous over its several security lapses and privacy issues, tech giants like Google and Facebook are trying to provide the best features for free with Google Meet and Messenger Rooms respectively. Google Meet was an application only available to organizations subscribing to G-suite. Amazingly, Google Meet will be open to all, soon. This is great news for people who are stuck at their homes, unable to interact with people. With Google Meet Free Version available for everyone, Zoom is seeing another strong rival getting into the video conferencing space.

Google is not a new entrant to video chatting, as Google Hangouts and Duo enabled casual video chatting. What makes Meet so much more powerful is that Meet allows up to 100 participants on a video conferencing call at once. There are other great features such as meeting scheduling, screen sharing, real-time captioning, among others, making it better than Zoom, feature-wise.

Google Meet free version Released

The Free Google Meet version will have a 1-hour cap after September 30, but till then there is no such cap. To avoid issues that made Zoom unsecure, Google is incorporating additional security features such as host controls, complex meeting codes, and the best of all encryption in transit. Host controls allow meeting hosts to admit or deny entry to a person to attend a meeting. The host can also mute other participants and even remove persons they feel unnecessary, should not be included in the meeting or for some other reason.

As mentioned, like Google, even Facebook, Skype, and Microsoft are entering the race to compete for the market share. Google eyes an early May release of Meet. Users can avail of the video chat services at on the web and downloading Google Meet in iOS and Android smartphones.

How to use Google Meet Free Version

First, users need to sign up for Google Meet, a free version. Go to Google Meet web page, fill your personal information and you also need to mention the purpose of use for Google Meet (Personal, Business, Government related, or for education). Whenever the service becomes available for use, users will receive a notification.

Google Meet – Simple steps to use

1.         Web users can go to If you want to log in using your Google Meet app in your iOS or Android phone, tap on the Google Meet.

2.         You have two choices: click Start a new meeting or enter your meeting code

3.         Select the Google Account from your available account options.

4.         Click or Tap on Join Meeting. Users can even add others to the meeting. So, what are you waiting for, try it out! The app will soon be available for use.

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