Google launches Gmail Dark Mode on iPhone and iPad

Gmail Dark Mode on iPhone

This is one of the most awaited features, as Google has introduced Gmail Dark Mode on iPhone and iPad. As per reports, the iPhone and iPad users can now avail this feature, switching between dark or light themes. The only thing is users should upgrade their devices to iOS 13 version.

iPhone and iPad users can also use the default system theme. The search engine giant had mentioned about the introduction of Dark Mode for Gmail more than six months back. Unfortunately, the rollout got delayed, saying the new feature had to face delay and inconsistent functionality. For iPhone and iPad users, this may come as a happy news as they were waiting so long for the feature to be launched and at last it has happened. 

This is not a rumour, as Google has officially mentioned about the launch and listed it in the recent update release notes. So, the Dark Mode feature in now available.

How users can activate Gmail Dark Mode on iPhone and iPad?

As per reports, iPad and iPhone users can activate the Gmail Dark Mode feature via the Menu section of the app.

  1. Users can access the Menu section at the top left-hand corner of the device screen (icon showing three horizontal parallel lines).
  2. Next step, the user must tap on ‘Settings’ and then the ‘Theme’.
  3. In ‘Theme’, user will have a selection to choose from ‘Light’, ‘Dark’ or ‘System Default’ options.

iPhone and iPad users who keenly follow latest updates from Google might be very well aware of the fact that Google had introduced several new features to its Gmail app for iOS. This includes support some of the key and very useful features such as support for Siri shortcuts when sending emails, and the feature of adding attachments to emails from the iOS files app. Lets us expect more exciting and handy features from Google in Gmail in the coming months.

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