Google indefinitely postpones the latest Android 11 beta release

Google indefinitely postpones the latest Android 11 beta release

Android 11 Beta Release Postponed

The search engine giant, Google, had originally scheduled an event on June 3, Wednesday for the Google I/O event. This is particularly interesting because most Android fans were waiting for the announcement of the Android 11 beta release on the day. But due to various reasons including the current scenario, tension across the United States, and the corona crisis. Its releases may be extended indefinitely. Now, there is another conundrum, what could be the name of Android 11 OS.

What could be Android 11 Name

If you are an Android Smartphone user, you would know that Google uses to name the Android OS after a dessert or sweet. This practice was followed until Android 9, Pie. Unfortunately, Android Q was named Android 10. But we never know as the latest beta has a mention of “Android R,”. Would it be limited to the beta version?  Since the desert naming pattern may not make a comeback and most probably the next Android version will be called Android 11, that’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Android 11 beta release date

The Android 11 beta release Show was scheduled on June 3 to present and showcase the Android build and launching the first beta version, made available to the public. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned and the tech company postponed the June 3 event, indefinitely as the future date has not been confirmed yet.

Android 11 features in developer preview

Let’s have a look at some of the exciting Android 11 features as showcased in the Developer preview 4.

Resizeable picture-in-picture windows The Preview 4 allows Android users to resize a picture-in-picture window. This can be easily achieved by tapping right outside on any four corners and to resize all you must do is drag inward or outward.

Notification counts – There is another useful feature that will be available to users, the notification counts, a number next to the expand arrow, is displayed in case if you have multiple notifications. This makes it convenient for users to see how many messages they have pending to be read in a conversation.
Select button added to the recent apps overview – Android Developer Preview 3 had enhanced the recent apps overview feature by introducing a “screenshot” and “share” button, to give extra convenience to users. With the Developer Preview 4 , it got another useful addition, in the “select” button.

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