Google App Read Along will help kids to get better at Reading

There is probably no other company more capable of creating learning apps than the Search Engine giant Google. With the amount of information and capability the company has, the company has stepped up in multiple levels to help people amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  Now, Google has come up with a free app called ‘Read Along” to help kids learn during school closures because of the present crisis.  This Google App for reading is available in 180 countries to help kids improve their reading skills

Read Along Helps kids to improve reading

Read Along has several stories and chapters based on interesting themes to help your children gain better reading ability. The app has been designed aesthetically and attractively to offer visual cues to display the stories. If the kid is stuck, they can take help of a virtual girl reading avatar called Diya. The kid can tap or click on Diya avatar present at the bottom right corner. The virtual reading avatar reads sentences in the story, precisely with correct pronunciations and meanings.

Virtual Reading Buddy Diya offers support when kid is struggling

If the kid finds it difficult to read, taking too much time saying or pronouncing a word, the virtual buddy recognizes the problem and starts assisting in reading, intuitively.  There are few advanced technologies at work here to enable the app to offer reading assistance so seamlessly. Google has already gained mastery in its speech recognition technology and Diya understands the kid’s speech using this technology. At the same time, the verbal cues to help kids reading the sections where they are struggling are offered through its text-to-speech technology.  The recognition part of Diya works with the help of Google’s speech recognition technology, while the verbal cues to help kids read the difficult section of the text are given through the internet giant’s text-to-speech technology.

Read Along works Offline too and Parents can assess Progress

What is amazing about this Google App for reading is that it works fine without requiring sign-in each time the kid wants to use the app. Moreover, the data of the student, even their voice is stored locally on the device to make it accessible. Another handy feature downloads, to enable students to read the stories offline. Parents can assess the progress of their children by creating individual profiles in the app.  The progress is displayed using stars or badges. At present, the app is available for learning in nine languages, including English, Hindi, Spanish, and Portuguese. As per the search engine giant, the app will support more languages soon.  The beta version of the app is currently available in the Play Store. Check it out, download it and try using the app to help your kids improve reading skills. 

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