Facebook’s Oculus reportedly working on new lighter and smaller version of Quest VR headset

New Quest VR headset

The Social Networking giant Facebook has come up with the second-generation version of Oculus Quest headset. The New Quest VR headset is reportedly smaller, lighter and has much quicker refresh rate than its predecessor, as per a report from Bloomberg. Multiple versions of the device were planned for release but now amid the COVID-19 crisis, there will be delays in the development and manufacturing. This is possibly due to shortage of manpower, technology supplies and various other things, due to lockdowns and quarantine.

The headset was complete with its console like looks and the best feature of it all is the self-contained VR setup. You do not have to pay for gaming PC or other heavy gear. But there were some issues with Oculus Quest headset, due to its standalone design it was not as powerful as the traditional counterparts. Moreover, it was not very comfortable to wear for longer duration.

New Quest VR headset more compact

Facebook looks to make the new Quest VR headset more compact, by reducing the weight and size of the current Oculus Quest headset model. When we put it in percentages the new model weighs lesser than a pound and around 10-15 % smaller in size, making the overall design smaller and much sleeker. When it comes to the hardware changes not much has been mentioned in the report except for a change in the fresh rate from 60 Hz to 90 Hz.

Facebook is also researching on enhancing the controllers for the Quest to make it extra comfortable to use. Another issue being fixed is the battery door falling off, often. The new controls will be developed to be compatible with both the old and new Quest models. So, overall it’s a more enhanced version of the previous headsets. The impact of the pandemic may delay the release of the new quest models to 2021.

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