Facebook Gaming gets a new Virtual Tournaments feature

facebook gaming

Social Networking companies and technology giants are busy coming up with new features, enhancements and some even new applications to cater to the increasing variety of demands amid COVID-19 crisis and the subsequent lockdowns around the globe. Facebook, Google, Zoom, Twitter and many other technology and tech enabled companies are looking to solve the problems and requirements of users.

Facebook has updated its gaming platform with an exciting new feature called “Tournaments”. The great thing about the new feature, especially considering the current scenario, is that now users can set up games and play them on the virtual field and you don’t have to be physically present. There are other popular video conferencing type supports which users may be familiar with like Houseparty and they are being extensively used as most people around the globe are now confined to their shelter places and this is why the social networking giant is also trying to introduce its own version to the scene.

What Facebook has conceptualized here is that users can now create and organize virtual tournaments in a wide variety of available formats. To understand this better, here are the types: One of the popular ones is the round robin types where users get the chance to accumulate points and the elimination process is from the bottom up. Another format is knock-out, where you are eliminated in a knock-out, this is quite similar to what we see in real-world games. That’s not it, there are some other exciting features too such as streaming the games, contributing to a cause by joining the fundraising effort by Facebook, among others. Interested users can contribute the winnings they had in the games to the fund being raised.

Now, looking at the features and what even the experts believe is that this attempt by Facebook may become an instant hit as there are little or no comparable services available now with these features. As per the analysis of Streamlabs, the top streaming platform for Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook, Facebook Gaming is attracting a lot of users and it’s not showing any sign of slowing down. This comes amid COVID-19 lockdown period where Facebook Gaming has witnessed doubling of the streaming hours which itself shows the current upward curve of the social networking company. Moreover, it’s a huge relief and opportunity to come together virtually for families and friends living in different cities as Tournaments can bring some cheer to them, playing and getting together virtually. Especially for kids this is the summer vacation time when they come together and play in the ground, park or courts. Now they can play these games virtually on the Facebook Gaming platform.

(Photo credits : https://www.criticalhit.net/technology/facebook-gaming-launches-tournaments/)

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