Facebook to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger

integrate WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger

When you have three of the most popular social networking and instant message applications at your disposal, you can pretty much do whatever you want, whenever you want! So, the social networking giant now decided on Instagram, Messenger WhatsApp Integration. These applications will remain as the stand-alone apps, as they are now, but deep inside they will be linked to make the messaging more seamless among these services, soon.

When this project completes, merging the services would mean a Facebook user could communicate with individuals having a WhatsApp account. At present, these three services are not talking to each other, as they do not have a common core they share.

Facebook launches Messenger Rooms

Now, let us see how this may pan out for Facebook. As the first step, the foundation has already been laid, when Facebook launched Messenger Rooms, a tool to compete with Zoom, a very popular video-conferencing application.  Messenger Rooms will allow anyone to video call with up to 50 people soon. The application was developed on top of Facebook Messenger, mostly to cater to the rising demand for group video calling platforms as the world goes through the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and the subsequent lockdowns. Since people are forced to stay indoors, most official or unofficial communications are now happening through video conferencing. This is where Zoom, which was already popular for video conferencing, got even more popular, and the number of app downloads even surpassed WhatsApp and Instagram by the end of March. However, unfortunately, today, Zoom is again in the news, but now it’s all for the wrong reasons. There were severe security issues and privacy violations, which forced several Governments to ban the app for official communications.   

If a user has a Facebook account, he or she can create a Messenger room. Now, this Rooms creation feature is only available on Facebook or Messenger as of now, and as per reports Facebook it is working on ways to allow users to create rooms using social media or messaging services such as Instagram Direct, WhatsApp, and Portal.

Messenger WhatsApp Integration

A website that tracks beta WhatsApp software, called WAbetainfo, has shown us some hints about one of the ways the social media and technology company might integrate Messenger and WhatsApp. As per their observation, WhatsApp beta version for Android 2.20.139 has a shortcut to the Facebook Messenger feature available in the chat or group share. So, it can be derived from the observation that users can create Messenger Rooms links.  You should also be able to create Rooms link using the calls tab. For now, it will be directed to Messenger to create the Rooms link.

 Though the 50 people video chat seems exciting, unlike WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger is not end-to-end encrypted, at least not yet. From what Facebook mentioned in its Messenger Rooms announcement, the end-to-end encryption for video calling with large groups of people is going to be a challenge even for the tech giant.   Moreover, enabling the end to end encryption may not be easy even in Messenger and Instagram Direct as Facebook does target advertising in these service platforms.  So, there are lot many factors that the company must consider to completely integrate WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger. Apart from, Messenger Rooms being linked to WhatsApp, we are not yet sure how Facebook plans to go about integrating the apps. We will have to wait and see.

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