Covid-19 lockdown: Use Google Maps to find locations of food, night shelters in India

food shelter covid19

Google has been busy innovating and creating several new sites, apps and features to help people amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Google India introduced its latest feature to its search and maps. The company is now showing the locations of food shelters and night shelters on its platform across several coronavirus affected cities in the country. Using Google Maps, Search and Google Assistant users can access the list of these government-run shelters. The search engine giant confirmed that at present people of over 30 cities in India can avail this feature. The company mentioned that this feature will soon be available in more cities, as google is updating the list.

Aimed at helping the Indian citizens during the COVID-19 crisis, users can search for public food shelters and public night shelters, and it’s very easy to avail the list. All those who are having the Google Maps application on your smartphone or through Google Search or using Google Assistant feature available on smartphones can easily access the list.

Find food, night shelters on Google Maps

Here is a step by step instructions to find food and night shelter locations on Google Maps.

1: Open Google Maps on your smartphone.
2: Search for food shelters, just type ‘Food shelters and city name.’

Food Shelter and night shelter
Food Shelters

Similarly for night shelters just type ‘Night shelters and city name’.

3: You will see the addresses of the food or night shelterson the screen.

This particular feature in the Maps has been updated to make information readily and easily available to the users when in need, and so that they can ensure they avail the food and shelter services offered by the government authorities in their respective cities.

Search via Google search

If you don’t have Google Maps or you just don’t have the time to do that, don’t worry, you can just directly type the food or night shelter with a city name on Google search. You can also use voice command for the same above commands for searching. Google India is closely working with the state and central government authorities to update the locations of these relief camps, so that the citizens come to know immediately.

 Google India has reasserted their commitment to build solutions that are beneficial to the populace especially in this trying situation. This new addition to their feature list came in the wake of the huge migrant exodus from major metropolitan cities in the country after the 14th day of the lockdown. The worst part is most of the migrants had to take off on foot, walking hundreds of kilometres to reach their hometowns or villages, due to the lack of transport. Especially to those travellers such food and night shelters may provide some much-needed rest and respite. At present, this feature is only available in English, but Google is working towards rolling out this feature in Hindi and other regional languages as well.

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