Apple shares a 30-day plan to keep kids entertained amid the COVID-19 lockdown

Apple's 30-day plan for kids engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdowns enforced in several countries around the world have kept millions of people inside their shelters indoors. It’s bad enough for adults to stay at home, getting bored, or itching to go out, just imagine what might be it for the kids and the parents trying to keep the kids busy during this summer vacation locked at home. Most kids are either playing games, watching youtube or watching online content in streaming platforms. Apple has come up with something special, a 30-day plan for kids, to keep the children engaged, entertained as they study or spend their summer vacation. Apple’s 30-day plan for kids was shared by CEO Tim Cook, in the form of a 30-day worksheet on twitter.

Some of the list of creative and exciting activities includes – personifying an object, capturing a time-lapse video, telling a story with shapes, emojifying your mood and several other activities counting to 30. Following the list and doing the activities mentioned as a 30-day routine will be very engaging and entertaining for the kids and what will be more interesting is when they share these tasks completions, triggering interesting discussion points. The technology giant has shared the PDF version of the activity list for kids or parents to download and print as and when and the way they like as per convenience.

The most interesting part is that the PDF on Apple’s 30-day plan for kids contains detailed descriptions and instructions on how to and what to do to complete the activities on the list. For instance, in one of the activities called, “See color in slo-mo”, there are instructions to record a video in slow-motion using drops of food coloring falling in the water and other instruction on how to do it. Another activity called “Storyboard your daily routine”, asks kids to take a photo of their routine activities and then combining them adding the title, time and checkbox for each activity. One other example is “Emojify your mood” and in this, the kids can Draw a circle, then add silly eyes, and a happy or sad face resembling their mood at the time, and they can share it with their friends.

Apple, like other technology and technology-enabled companies, is trying to do their bit in the innovations and creativity to try to help the people around the world. Amazingly all these activities can be done using already available built-in features in Apple products such as iPads and iPhones. Children from pre-kindergarten to second grade can participate in these activities. When small kids are involved in these activities, the family will automatically play a part, in the activities, making it more fun for everyone.

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