Apple launches iPhone SE 2020, Its iPhone 8 with better processor and features

iPhone SE 2020 - Apple launches new phone

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The technology giant Apple is known for grand launches with iPhone smartphones having ultra-latest technologies and functionalities. But the latest Apple phone release, the new iPhone SE 2020 launch, is nothing like that and we can even say it is not new at all.

If we look at the processor, iPhone SE has the same processor which you find in iPhone 11 and 11 Pro phones. Even the design does not look new. When the latest iPhone versions have facial recognition features, iPhone SE 2020 still has the old fingerprint sensor. So, you might be wondering what is so special about this phone? It’s the price and the fact that it has similar shape, design and looks like iPhone 8, but at a lower cost at $399 for a version with 64GB of storage. For people who loved the iPhone 6 till iPhone 8 look, iPhone SE is what some iPhone lovers would want to see. A much too familiar design with a better camera and processor, at a much lower price. 

Unlike many rumors which floated around about the new iPhone SE or iPhone SE 2020 being called iPhone 9. Instead, the company decided to go with the SE moniker which first appeared in 2016. Four years back the iPhone SE was designed in the make of iPhone 5S with the performance of the iPhone 6S (the latest model at that time). So, Apple seems to be following the same trend here, just that now its iPhone 8 design and performance of iPhone 11 or 11 Pro. Moreover, this also ensures that iPhone SE 2020 has a longer lifespan than the costlier iPhone 8 model.

Since the brick and mortar stores of Apple are no longer functional, amid COVID-19 lockdowns across the world, anyone looking to buy iPhone SE 2020 would likely have to do so online through the official Apple’s app. The only inconvenience here for Apple users who prefer to get the feel of the phone first-hand before purchasing, have to wait till the device is delivered at their homes after purchase.

According to Apple, the new iPhone SE is using the A13 Bionic’s chips for enhancing Smart HDR photography. With the same 4.7-inch Retina HD Display just as in iPhone 8, there is another feature that Apple phone users would love, the TrueTone technology seen in the latest models. This special technology enables the phone to automatically adapt to the lighting conditions around the user and make the screen’s white balance to warmer or cooler. Agreed, when we look at it, buying a new smartphone may not be a primary concern for most people, as we face the global COVID-19 pandemic. But, can we live without smartphones, computers or tablets to communicate with each other, while we are confined to or homes, indoors. Those who need to change their phone, a relatively cheap iPhone, which looks much like the ones you have been using but with more power and features, maybe something you are looking for right now. 

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